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June 20, 2009
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Hothead's happy world..:HHD: by Moonpool Hothead's happy world..:HHD: by Moonpool
Happy Hothead DAY!

wow, i totally just rushed to get this finished, and i almost forgot that it was hothead day XD. (someone smack me please)

Well this is based off a video i watched on youtube, and it was with Blitzwing singing the "happy song". And this scene is the actualy words at the end of the song...and i could totally picture this in my head when i listened to it.

Here is the link to the song and...ja the lyrics i guess XD:

I am really special cuz there's only one of me
look at my smile, I'm so damn happy, other people are jealous of me
when I'm sad and lonely, I like to sing this song
it cheers me up and shows me that I won't be sad for long

oh oh oh I'm so happy, I can barely breathe
puppy dogs and sugar frogs and kittens, baby teeth
watch out all you mothers, I'm happy, it's hardcore
happy as a coupon for a $20 whore
ha-ha-ha hah

I'm really happy, I'm sugar coated me,
happy, good, anger, bad, that's my philosophy

Spoken: I can't do this, man. I'm not happy.

I am really special, cuz there's only one of me
Look at my smile, I'm so damn happy, other people are jealous of me
These are my lovehandles, and this is my spout,
but if you tip me over, then mama said knock you out

I am special, I am happy, I am gonna heave
welcome to my happy world, now get your shit and leave
I am happy, I am good, I am...

Spoken: I'm Outta Here! Screw You!


YAY well i hope you all like this and have a happy hothead day...don't forget to also have a HAppy fathers day tomorrow :D!
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blitzwing day is------

There are actually 3 Blitzwing days, one for each face. The days are on the summer solstice (Hothead day), winter solstice (Icy day) and October 13 (Random day)

I hope I helped!

??? dude(or dudette) u r confusing
Wut do you not get?
I though you wanted to know when Blitzwing day was
the dates of the blitzwing day

If it is the exact dates you want send me a note, cuz you have confused me
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NESToperative Dec 16, 2012  Student Photographer
ha blitzwing is so crazy and random
lovefistfury Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha love it! the song is tooo funny, great work!
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